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Music Composition and Digital Setting:
Audio Samples of Fully Synthesized Setting

 Warning: The works listed below are protected by copyright law.
Priority attestations by notary as well as physically dateable original manuscripts exist.


Chanson: "Il fait clair de lune" - [MP2, 4.1 MB]  [AAC-MP4, 2.5 MB]
(Music and Lyrics: Thomas Haase)

March: "
Zwischen Kutno und Warschau" - [MP2, 3.4 MB]  [AAC-MP4, 2.3 MB]
(Hermann Müller-John, arr. Thomas Haase)

March: "
Marsch über das Lied 'Nun laßt die Fahnen fliegen'" -
MP2, 4.1 MB]  [AAC-MP4, 3.5 MB]
(Werner Lamprecht, arr. Thomas Haase)

March: "
Voran!" - [MP2, 2.7 MB]  [AAC-MP4, 1.8 MB]
(Thomas Haase)

Pop Song: "
A Voice In My Heart" - [MP2, 3.8 MB]  [AAC-MP4, 2.3 MB]
(Music and Lyrics: Thomas Haase)


Note: In case of problems: Right-click on the MP2 or MP4 link and select "Save link/target as" to save the file on your harddrive. You will then be able to open it from there using a suitable player software.

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